The Independents Day project joined

The Independents Day project joined forces with the SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, TX March 8-12, 2002! ID is leading three panels on Sunday, March 10th, 2002. The panel I’m moderating is titled “”Building a Buzz with Independent Content” which will be about how independent web creators can (if they should at all) create awareness about their web projects. Jeffrey Zeldman is moderating the “What is Independent Content” panel and Carole Guevin is leading the “Independent Design: Trend-Setting Expression” panel. Panelists for each session will include fellow ID participants. We’re also organizing a social shindig for Saturday night called “Independents Night” — more info on that when the venue is confirmed.

I attended my first SXSW festival March 2001 and thoroughly enjoyed it — a useful, affordable conference plus fun evening events and parties like Fray Cafe. If you’re thinking about attending, get in touch and we can conspire. Also, if you launched (or redesigned) a Web site in 2001, check out SXSW’s web awards — submit your site— the deadline is December 1st!