The next Freelance Hub lunch

The next Freelance Hub lunch in Cambridge is Thursday, December 13th. I updated the freelance-hub page and added an rsvp form for curious individuals who want to learn more about the lunch and/or RSVP. The photo album has been updated with a blurb and pointer to the rsvp3:the 80s photo album. And if that’s not enough excitement, I also created a discussion thread/area at QuickTopic called “ irregulars” — the name is borrowed from Keith Dawson’s “TBTF Irregulars” (and whomever he might have borrowed the name from, if anyone). I figured it might be nice for all the people on the mailing list to have a venue to communicate. At least, it seemed like a good idea. We’ll see! If you want to check it out, join the mailing list (see the sign-up box on the right?) or bug me. The nice thing about QuickTopic is that it’s very unobtrusive — you can choose to have replies to your posts emailed to you or just check in on the Web every now and then. And it’s free, too.

Michael and I managed to stay up late last night to watch the Leonids excitement in the sky. Our vantage point was the baseball field next to our apartment complex. After living here three years, I had no idea we had such a great view of the sky. Sure, it doesn’t compare to Nebraska (where I grew up); but a pretty good view overall. If only I could remember more from my college astronomy class.