The Rock and Roll Library Needs Office Space (Greater Boston Area)

Last night I met up with Anne Fitzpatrick, executive director of the Rock and Roll Library. When she was eight years old she had an idea that the world needed a library for popular (rock) music. Three years ago she started to put her idea into action.

The Library needs donated office space. Since they are a non-profit the donation would likely offer tax benefits to the company helping them out.

Their basic needs:

  • A room that can fit one or more tables
  • 1-2 phones
  • Internet access
  • MBTA (T or Commuter Rail) accessible

If you know of a company in the greater Boston area that has a room (large or small) that can fit a table or two and comes with Internet access and phones please contact Annefitzpatrick AT An office that is T or commuter rail accessible is preferred.

About The Rock and Roll Library

The Rock and Roll Library is “a non-profit organization working to build the world’s largest music information archive while promoting the use of popular music in education.”

Past projects include a song lesson plan contest using Melissa Etheridge’s song “Scarecrow.” The winning teacher was awarded $1,000 and Melissa Etheridge visited the school and donated 68 tickets to the school for a nearby concert. The Library is also working on finishing up web development on the Music Archive Database. It’s about 60% finished but needs the help of experienced web developers to finish it. (The database project was started by a group of Northeastern students.)

Help spread the word!

If you’ve got a weblog (or a website in general) and want to help spread the word about The Rock and Roll Library’s quest for office space, consider posting about this on your own site. (Scott Johnson agrees.)

By the way

I’m not directly affiliated with the Rock and Roll Library — just someone who loves music who is going to volunteer some time to their projects.

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