The Unhappy Hour every Monday night at ZuZu in Cambridge

Tonight Susan C. and I met up for a late dinner and a free music event at ZuZu, the restaurant with beautiful red walls between the Middle East’s restaurant and corner. I’ve walked by it dozens of times but tonight was the first time I went in. We ordered the ZuZu PuPu Platter. It’s a lot tastier than it probably sounds. Items on the platter o’ pu include spinach dumplings, kebabs, meat pies, grape leaves, chicken brik, kibbeh, hummus, whipped garlic and harrissa. It was a great selection and the whipped garlic was a favorite.

We settled into the last available table, consumed our array of appetizers and then the music started around 10:30. Each Monday night is the Unhappy Hour at ZuZu hosted by Lili. Tonight featured the threesome of Bill Janovitz (Buffalo Tom), Tanya Donelly (Throwing Muses, Belly) and Chris Toppin (Fuzzy).

It was a magical night! The only thing missing was my digital camera which appears to be broken.

Next up for ZuZu’s Unhappy Hour is Blake Hazard on Monday, June 30th. The music starts around 10:30pm.