This is old news in

This is old news in the land of the Internet. But I thought I’d chime in anyway. ;) Hiawatha Bray wrote an article about Pyra and the Blogger “phenomenon” for The Boston Globe on March 25, 2002. It’s some sort of overview of weblogging and information about Pyra founder Evan Williams’s adventure with the weblog publishing tool. I’m dissappointed that the article did not include a single mention about local Boston bloggers. How about Heath Row’s Media Diet? Or Bostonites Unite!, a web ring connecting Boston bloggers? If you go to and type the phrase “boston and blog” (skip the quotes for the actual search) you’ll have 15,200 results to wade through including Oliver Willis, TBTF and even this website. It was interesting when Hiawatha wrote “This suggests that blogging is an ephemeral fad, destined to burn itself out in a year or two.” This (amusingly) reminded me of an Austin journalist who recently asked me why weblogging was still so popular since it was the next big thing a few years ago. The article then goes on to say “At present there’s no good blog equivalent of Yahoo – a categorical search engine that lists Web sites devoted to specific topics.” What about Daypop — a search engine for weblogs. You can search for Hiawatha and find a few gems. This quote can only be described as cute: “A thorough reading of one or two good blogs will leave you almost as well informed as this morning’s newspaper.” If he asked for my opinion I would have pointed him to Rebecca Blood’s informative history of weblogging . Oh, well. Better luck next time! It’s always good to see Pyra and Blogger getting press. [thanks to Shannon @ for the head’s up about this article.]