Notes From The Universe

Today’s Note From The Universe for February 16th

Dirt Road
(Photos of a dirt road next to St. Mary’s Cemetary outside Scribner, Nebraska)

Today’s Note From The Universe was a good one. But then again, it generally is.

You might call it spiritual logistics, Sooz, but sometimes you have to move away, to get closer.

Or you might just call it weird.

Either way, it helps to remember it from time to time.


The Universe

At the end of the email there is always a little extra nugget — a P.S. of sorts:

And while we’re at it, Sooz, sometimes you have to let go, to stake your claim. Be still, to move forward. Give, to receive. Cry, to feel the joy. Pretend, to make it real. Fake it, before you make it. And sometimes, oddly enough, you must first decide to feel their love, to find it was there all along.