Today’s Soundtrack : There Comes a Time

There Comes a TimeGlen Phillips

There comes a time in life
To pull on your coat and go outside
To taste the vinegar of life, bitter life
Taste a second time, and it’s a sweet surprise
Sweet surprise

It’s not that hard to figure it out
When there’s no question, there’s no doubt
Burned in efigy, senseless time
Dispute the miracle, but the water still was wine
And that’s my crime

There is a face in the stone
We let it out to find its form
To shape the testament of will, strongest will
Pride, humility a bitter pill
Bitter pill

Sweet surrender, oh my Lord
I never thought I’d see
It’s not surprising, still I find
I’m shaking, crying
But I’m laughing, softly

There comes a time
To pull on your coat and go outside