Tourfilter DJ Night #3 at River Gods on May 17th

I’ve blathered on and on about Tourfilter so you should already know how much I adore Chris Marstall’s Tourfilter website. Last month he started up a DJ night at River Gods near Central Square featuring bands that are coming to town whose schedules you can also track on Tourfilter. I’ll be joining in the fun on Thursday, May 17th as the DJ for the late hour(s) slot of 11:40PM-1AM. Brad Searles and Chris will be DJing earlier that night. It all starts at 9PM.

If you feel inspired to stay up late on a “school night” come out and join us! I’ll be playing music from Boston area bands with upcoming shows that you can hear on Exploit Boston Radio.

River Gods is located at 125 River St in Cambridge. It’s a short walk from Central Square (MBTA Red Line).