Twitter Updates for 2007-05-27

  • Listening to The Weepies #
  • >Baratunde – Thanks for pointing the SOS from Radio Open Source. #
  • @baratunde LOL I’m not hating anything. Someone(s) else had mentioned that @ goes directly to the human you’re talking to. #
  • Listening to “Sex on Wheelz [Glamour Dyke Mix]” by My Life With The Three Kill Kult — from the Cool World movie soundtrack. #
  • @kroosh That is some impressive hair! #
  • @baratunde — I think that at one point they had changed that. But thanks for checking in on me. :) #
  • Not sure if we’re going to make it out to Jamaica Plain for the rock and roll BBQ at The Midway Cafe. Shoot The Moon acoustic! #
  • Catching up with WP plugins for Just set up Alex King’s WP-Mobile plugin. Nifty! #
  • @ebarrera I was wondering why there wasn’t a app yet for facebook … it says “coming soon” on the widget page. #

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