Twitter Updates for 2007-05-31

  • Strawberry yogurt has been consumed and now it’s time to set up the computer for the BostonNOW news meeting webcast. #
  • Oops. Wasn’t paying attention to the character limit on that last update. Here’s the URL again. #
  • @kroosh thanks for the tip about the “replies” tab — hadn’t noticed that. and yeah, I think this is a belated reply. :) #
  • @42minus71 — See you at Ignite tonight. Woo hoo. #
  • Oh, I did it again. LOL Posted a SoozTwitter that is really a bostonNOWpaper twitter. Kudos to me! #
  • Eating lunch and conspiring with @hybernaut on IM. #
  • @chrisbrogan I’ll be @ Ignite around 7:30. #

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