Upcoming event for Somerville bloggers hosted by The OneVille Project

I’m helping The OneVille Project host an event for Somerville bloggers that will bring together Somerville area online media makers for a discussion about how to better connect all of Somerville with news and information that parents and kids need. For example, there are a lot of summer programs available for kids but not all parents necessarily know about the opportunities for their kids and the information is not always available in the parents’ home language.

If you are a Somerville blogger who is curious about this event that will be happening in a couple weeks at Design Annex in Union Square, Somerville — let me know. The date should be finalized soon — most likely it’s going to be Thursday, July 22nd, 6:30-8:30pm. The RSVP page for the event will be open to any Somerville blogger who wants to attend just as soon as the details are finalized.

What is The OneVille Project? Here’s how the project describes itself on the OneVille website:

We believe strongly that to pursue young people’s success, people who share communities need to communicate about how young people are doing and work together to provide opportunities to every child.

Right now, we’re learning from folks across Somerville, MA about existing communications and relationships affecting young people. Mica Pollock, a Somerville parent and faculty at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, started us off and leads our research.

We are now a community research team supported by a two year planning grant from the Ford Foundation, to pilot projects in partnership with the school district, the city, and Somerville’s rich network of young people, agencies, teachers, families, and volunteers.

Over the next 1.5 years, we hope to learn from everything already going on in Somerville and to make recommendations for tools and strategies that support ongoing conversation and partnership among the people in Somerville young people’s lives. We also hope to offer other cities ideas for how diverse communities can partner in student success in the 21st century.

Update: Someone asked me if you need to be a parent blogger to attend — not at all! The only “requirement” is that you’re a Somerville blogger interested in the topic(s).