Useful and Cool : Jewelboxing Super Jewel Box Packaging System

Jewelboxing is the brainchild of Coudal Partners, a Chicago design firm. For $49 you get a jewel box kit to package twenty CDs/DVDs including the plastic cases, paper inserts and labels. And of course they have a weblog called “Start Me Up” chronically Jewelboxing’s startup biz adventures. They’re also beta testing PayPal’s new system which lets customers make a credit card purchase without creating/using a PayPal account.

Why Jewelboxing?
We are professional designers who were unsatisfied with cheap-looking jewel cases and we looked everywhere for materials that will put the best face on our presentations. We selected Super Jewel Boxes™ based on quality and design. There are a million places to buy jewel cases but this is the only place you can buy the Jewelboxing System, which pairs the best materials with easy-to-use, professional, software-specific templates. Nothing else compares to it. The Jewelboxing System is simple and affordable for designers and other creative people.

How about a CD Swap?