Veoh Television Network

Long-time web guy and fellow SXSW Interactive Festival participant Halcyon is working with a group of people on a new television network called Veoh. Looks interesting! He’s set up a pre-launch blog and also a mailing list for anyone who wants to stay informed. They started out as TvDrive and are in the process of moving things over to Veoh.

A few tidbits from Veoh’s FAQs include:

What is Veoh?

VEOH is a new type of TV network. And YOU are the one controlling the programming.

VEOH allows anyone to broadcast TV grade Show to the world. IN essence, the technology is finally here to allow YOU to become your very own TV Network. You can broadcast single shows, an ongoing series, or many of both!

Using the VEOH distributed computing technology, there is no cost to Publisher or Viewer, regardless of bandwidth use. In fact, in the next release, you can *make* money if your shows become popular. Are you ready for the revolution?!

How Do I Become a Publisher?

EASY! Just sign up (free) to be a member of VEOH and start uploading your shows. The VEOH “Publish” tab will walk you through the process of submitting your Shows electronically.

You simply need a digital version of your Show, a broadband connection, and ownership of the necessary rights (including copyrights, trademarks, rights of publicity, and any other relevant rights for your content. Adult content requires some additional documentation).

To make sure that your Show is submitted properly, please read below about preferred file formats and our approval process! (Don’t worry…it’s as easy as watching a Show about pie!)