Which “C” word is it? Content, Communications or Campaign?

Update June 27, 2005: December 2004 through February 2005 I was part of Marqui’s “Pay to Blog” program. I wrote about them and linked to them once a week. During the three-month program I had this icon displayed on my site in the right sidebar area.

I’m being paid by Marqui to share my opinions about the company once a week for three months on Here’s my first entry about the project.

I’ve been poking around the Marqui demo so that I can write something at least reasonably intelligent (we can always hope) about their communications management system. Unfortunately I can’t use Firefox so I have to dust off IE. Just when I was hoping I could delete that application from my computer once and for all.

They’ve got a Jetson’s style Flash demo linked off their homepage that illustrates what they claim the product can do to help organizations manage their marketing campaigns. On the main page for the demo, I noticed that “campaign management systems” is in the title of the demo; but everywhere else, Marqui is referred to as “communications management systems.” And as The Head Lemer pointed out, the “c” in CMS usually refers to “content.” Maybe they need a new acronym.