Magnetic Fields Return From a 2-year Haitus with a Show in Boston May 22

Mike Yesenosky sent a little dispatch to Boston pals earlier today about the Magnetic Fields (he’s their sound guy) show coming up in Boston on May 22nd at the Berklee Performance Center. For two weeks, discounted tickets are available at Mike wrote: “Musictoday is a company that was formed by the Dave Matthews Band to combat Ticketmaster and their high service charges. Now lots of artists use it to save their fans from being ripped off. But in this case, they can only sell through Musictoday for 2 weeks, starting today.”

If a lot of people buy tickets in the next two weeks they may add another show.

Discounted tickets are on sale at (Registration required.) After March 19th, tickets will be available through Ticketron and the Berklee Performance Center’s box office.


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Osushi Restaurant inside the Westin Copley Hotel turned out to be an excellent spot for last night’s sixth annual sushi fest. Unfortunately they’ve let their domain name expire so there’s no website to point to. Hopefully they will get that fixed soon. Gregor will post some photos soon and I need to scan our special menu, too. Good times!

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Getting to Know Boston : The Mapparium

The list of places in Boston I haven’t been to since moving to the area from Nebraska in 1994 is embarassingly long. Today I took one of those items off my list: the Mapparium! It’s a three-story stained glass globe of the world that you can walk through (on a glass bridge) located in the Mary Baker Eddy Library near Berklee School of Music and a short walk from Newbury Street. Yes, it’s a Christian Science thing but once you get past that you’ll discover that it’s actually pretty damn cool. Amazing acoustics, too! Unfortunately they don’t allow photography inside the Mapparium but they’ve got great photos on the website and of course the obligatory magnets in the gift shop.

Next up: art museums. This is the really sad part of my list. I haven’t been to any of the art museums in Boston yet.