An 80s party sequel

Michael and I have been talking about throwing a sequel to the 80s costume party we hosted October 2001. The admission cost will probably be a contribution to the door prize/contest box o’ stuff. Hello, eBay! For the last party we went a little nutty spending money on eBay buying all sorts of 80s related merchandise including a Menudo LP (yes, really), posters (Michael Jackson, INXS, The Cure), Garbage Pail Kid Stickers, Mr. T bobblehead doll, Pacman Glass, Wacky Packs and a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember. Halloween is on a Friday this year which is rather convenient. This time we’ll focus more on the decorations. Especially if we have it at the American Legion in Arlington Center again. It was a great space with our own friendly Legion bartender; but the goofy paintings on the walls show up in all the photographs. Michael has proclaimed that he may not take requests this time since there was a lot of music he didn’t get to play last time. He must have every 80s tune on MP3 by now after burning most of our CDs and finding a bunch online.