Peter Wolf at The Middle East

This is what rock and roll is all about. Most artists phone it in compared to Peter Wolf (J. Geils Band) who performed two cabaret-style shows Friday May 9 and Saturday May 10 at the Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge. I joined Anne for the Saturday show. 450 people filled the club with about twenty tables scattered towards the front of the stage. To say he has stage presence would be a great understatement. Each song started out with a rap of the upcoming song’s lyrics then prancing across the stage and throughout the crowd as the band joined in. The primarly 40+ year old audience was eating him up. Not to mention the women crawling all over him as he danced in the crowd and on top of the bar. During one of his many storytelling moments, Peter thanked Joseph and Nabil Sater, owners of The Middle East. Mr. Wolf could have easily sold out a larger venue but chose one of the last Boston area independent music venues. If anyone can capture why music is so important, Peter Wolf has it figured out.

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