Beyond the Media

Dave Winer: “Listening to reporter commentary today it seems Dean must have no chance of winning New Hampshire.”

I guess I’m remaining hopeful and optimistic that people (beyond those of us already supporting Dean and the movement he represents) will see beyond what the media chooses to say. As much as I’m irritated that Michael Moore has endorsed Clark, Moore made some good points to his email list this week, primarly directed at Dean supporters.

“As one who does not support Dean, I would like to say this to you: DON’T GIVE UP. You have done an incredible thing. You inspired an entire nation to stand up to George W. Bush. Your impact on this election will be felt for years to come. Every bit of energy you put into Dr. Dean’s candidacy was — and is — worth it. He took on Bush when others wouldn’t. He put corporate America on notice that he is coming after them. And he called the Democrats out for what they truly are: a bunch of spineless, wishy-washy appeasers who have sold out the working people of America. Everyone in every campaign owes you and your candidate a huge debt of thanks.”

But what I do not like about Moore’s email is his reference to “Deaniacs.” Hello. I am not a maniac for Dean. Don’t insult our intelligence.