Quote of the day

My youngest sister Amy called me tonight on my way to meet up with friends. I told her about the late night/early morning Dean rally I went to and asked her if she had heard of Howard Dean yet. She quickly responded: “Of course I know who he is! I read Time Magazine!” I advised her to vote for him, too. Maybe I can inspire her to host a Super Goal 2004 house party on February 1st at her apartment in Fremont, Nebraska. I had to catch the subway and lost my cellphone reception but I’m looking forward to hearing what sort of impression people in her part of Nebraska (where I spent my first twenty years) have regarding the election and Dean in particular. The Super Goal 2004 house party has two formats. The “home” party is for anyone who is hosting a superbowl party and the “away” party is for anyone who is going to someone else’s party and wants to bring Dean information with them and speak for a couple minutes. My roommate Meg and I are hosting one at our place but I have a feeling the game will be on mute until the last few minutes in the fourth quarter.