Birthdays and Howard Dean

Last night’s 2AM rally to welcome Howard Dean back to New Hampshire was quite an adventure. We got there around 1:15 as the crew was finishing setting up the stage areas. The Shifters, a (mostly oldies) rock cover band performed from 2am until shortly past 3am. A teacher and Dean organizer from New Hampshire came out to talk about why she supports Howard Dean and introduced a NH state official who then went on to introduce Dean. I recorded a few snippets of the short speech in audio posts in the previous entries. The airport hangar was filled with hundreds of energetic people. Joan Jett missed her connecting flight and arrived shortly after Dean but she decided to perform anyway after Dean finished up and wandered through the crowd for a few minutes. I didn’t realize Dean would be speaking off to one of the sides so most of my photos were of the crowd and Joan Jett.

I don’t think I could have asked for a better way to start my birthday. And of course, birthday wishes to Meryl, too! Next January 20th, I hope we share our birthday and innauguration day with Howard Dean and not George Bush, please.

As we were leaving the event, I walked past a very tired looking Joe Trippi. I only have one regret: I never gave the guy a hug. He certainly deserved one. But maybe a random stranger (who doesn’t normally give hugs in general) coming up to the hardest working campaign manager might have been a little weird. I wish I had offered it anyway.

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