Bob Mould on relating to new music

Bob Mould (Hüsker Dü, Sugar) has a blog? Allright! Thanks to the link on Brad Searle’s site, I just spent a few minutes reading through some of Bob’s recent entries. The other day he wrote about what it’s like relating to new music as you get older, etc. There’s something inexplainably cool about being able to read a website describing (in first person) the various thoughts and tidbits of a favorite musician.

An example would be, oh, something like “I liked Crazy Rhythms the first time around” ; it doesn’t mean I think any more or less of The Strokes (remember them?), but the emotions they evoke, due to their sometimes uncanny resemblance in look and feel, are attached to my youth, and to the why and where of that original moment. It’s the way we describe things, using comparison and reference, that speaks on our own personal experiences, the things we hold important and lasting.