CVB Space : Awesome NYC artist loft and event space

CVB Space, Cynthia von Buhler’s huge artist loft at 407 West 13th Street in the meat packing district of New York City is available for private party rentals. Anyone who has a spare $1000-$3500 burning a hole in their pocket should let me know. I’d love to help throw a party there!

Throughout April, CVB Space is home to “Growing”, a group show of artists mostly from Europe. The opening reception is April 1, 6pm-8pm. Check out the CVB Space website for the event calendar.

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My name is Noreen Andrews I am a volunter with the On Your Feet Organizaion. We are looking for a rental space for a wine tasting event that we are putting on in October 2005.

We are expecting 350-500 people to attend this event but will need a capacity for 800-1000 people due to booths and tables that will need to be set up.

Please contact me if your space is large enough for this type of event and so we can talk more about specifics. If not, if you know of any other spaces that could help us out that would also be great. Thank you.


Hi Noreen:

CVB Space is awesome but it’s not my venue. It belongs to Cynthia Von Buhler. It looks like the CVB Space website is down. Here’s contact info I found on her artist website: cynthia -a-t-

In case the site is just temporarily down, it’s at

Also, if you are looking for an easy way to create an event website and track promotion and ticket sales, I highly recommend WhizSpark. I use them for my events, too. Here are a couple examples of events that have used their system:

WhizSpark’s President is Peter Caputa and he can be reached at or 508 329 2232. Their website is at

Good luck with your event!


Thanks for the comment, Cynthia. I figured she might like to talk to you directly either way. I’m just a fan of your work and the space. :)

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