Boston Rocks: Talking to Animals

Talking to Animals at the Lizard Lounge May 2007

Michael and I were two giddy music fans a couple weeks ago when we saw Boston band Talking to Animals at their “reunion” show at the Lizard Lounge. The original lineup was there (unless you count the early years drummer): Juliana Nash (vocals), Thomas Juliano (guitar), Greg Porter (bass) and Mike Levesque (drums). We kept looking at each other — giving that look: “OMG — is this really happening? Talking to Animals? Woo hoo!” The band’s last show was 7-8 years ago so it had been a while since they played a show. Good times!

Since Talking to Animals, Juliana Nash has released two solo albums — the more recent CD is “Build Me a Boat“, a rocking children’s album that she collaborated with TTA guitarist Thomas Juliano on.