Twitter Updates for 2007-06-15

  • Finally write something on that is more than just twitter recaps. A real entry! #
  • Trying to figure out how to navigate Citizen’s Bank phone system so I can talk to a live human. SOS! #
  • @cspan — Aha! Forgot about that site. I used to be at a wee small bank. I figured out if you hit zero twice it will let me speak to a human #
  • Taking some photos of a black helicopter circling around Boston. #
  • Maybe it’s not black but … that was odd. #
  • @rdelima: Does his helicopter rides go over Boston Common? Maybe that was it! #
  • One reason I never used my full name online for the longest time is that it’s Sooz or Susan Kaup but never Sooz Kaup. That sounds funny. #
  • Forgot about A&C’s wedding that’s tomorrow. Oops, no BostonTweetup for me. #
  • Checking out thanks to @adamweiss. A (free) alternative to Akismet? And you read books while stopping spam! #

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