BostonNOW Opens Up Their Community Blogging Project

Pretty much what the title says — you can now set up a blog at BostonNOW to contribute to the new free daily newspaper in Boston. They’ll be reviewing and incorporating blog entries into the print paper. I think it would be great if you could automatically cross-post a specific category from your regular blog (like my WordPress-powered blog here at over to my BostonNOW blog. Maybe there’s a WordPress plugin for that so everything I tag/categorize as “BostonNOW” would automatically cross-post over there? I suppose ye olde copy and paste is OK, too.

Speaking of blogs at BostonNOW, if you have the print edition, check out page 17 for an excerpt from . The PDF version of today’s paper isn’t online just yet but when it is, you can find his review there, too.