Bowling Posse on Thursday, 3 March at Sacco’s Bowl Haven

While growing up in Nebraska, I participated in a youth bowling league at Hilltop Lanes in Dodge, Nebraska. It’s unfortunate that I no longer have the patches from my various winnings. I haven’t gone tenpin bowling in over a decade and I’d probably not be all that good at it these days. Fortunately, New England has candle pin bowling which is a lot easier. Partly because the balls are not as heavy and you get three turns instead of two.

The next bowling posse outing is on Thursday, March 3rd at Sacco’s Bowl Haven in Davis Square at 8:00 PM. If you’d like to join us, you can RSVP at the Bowling Posse event page at WhizSpark. The cost is $10 and that covers two hours of bowling and the shoe rental.

I’m starting to dabble more with WhizSpark’s hosted DIY event planning tools — in particular the ad-free, customizable tools that are under development. Overall, I like what I see. Hopefully the ability to adjust the layout (perhaps similar to how TypePad lets you move content around on the page) and link colors (I had no choice but to use the red links if I wanted a black background) will be a possibility someday. Peter Caputa, the president of WhizSpark, has been generally responsive to my ideas, feedback, nagging and criticisms.

I’m in the process of moving several hundred event newsletter subscribers over to WhizSpark. It will be interesting to see what sort of feedback I receive once I start to send out event invites through the WhizSpark system. One thing that is new is that if someone wants to register/reply/RSVP for an event, the person first needs to create a free account. WhizSpark has an anti-spam policy as far as how users can and cannot use data in the system; but the policy does not address how WhizSpark itself will not use contact information in their system. Hopefully that’s something they can directly address in their policy soon.