BucketWorks: A Health and Fitness Club for Your Brain

Is there anything like in Boston? It sounds like a really interesting organization that is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

About BucketWorks:

Bucketworks is a health and fitness club for your brain. We offer classes and workshops in art, business, theatre, technology, leadership, and dance. Groups, families, and individuals use our facilities to achieve inspiration together.

Bucketworks is also a place for businesses. Five companies are located here within the facility, and use our Business Services to grow their success–you can grow your company here, too!

We also host a wide variety of cultural and performance events, demonstrating the creativity of Milwaukee.

You can rent our space to have your own creative meeting, party, wedding or other event.

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Not yet. I think it’s the kind of thing that would thrive in Boston, but it grows from the ground up. What we do is unroll a recipe or blueprint, so a local Boston team creates something that works for Boston’s cultural/creative economy. We train the local team to make it work, using what we’ve learned here as the base. It’s a flexible structure.

We’d look for a space somewhere between 7k-20k sq. ft., preferably on the first floor, and either falling along critical social fault-lines or interstitial neighborhoods, or in other cultural creative hotspots–like near universities (which I know it’s practically impossible not to be near, in Boston.)

Higher ceilings are better. Loading docks will help–when you start receiving materials that’ll make a big difference.

I don’t know when next I’ll be in Boston. Should I write a letter to your Mayor and ask him to bring us there?

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