Those Wacky Professional Journalists

Update June 27, 2005: December 2004 through February 2005 I was part of Marqui’s “Pay to Blog” program. I wrote about them and linked to them once a week. During the three-month program I had this icon displayed on my site in the right sidebar area.

I have no idea how I missed this but I just stumbled across The Gobe and Mail article about Marqui‘s program to pay bloggers (including me) to write about the company. The article is dated 7 December 2004 on their website and includes a few tidbits about me in the opening paragraph. Marqui has the article archived on their website but without any links. (What’s up with that, Marqui?) The odd thing is that no one from The Globe and Mail contacted me to verify details such as my full name. It’s true that my name is listed on Marqui’s website; but it seems odd that they wouldn’t contact me directly.

Their description of this website is funny:

On her personal blog — “The Life & Times of Sooz” — Susan Kaup writes regularly about her friends, her Internet radio station and Boston’s indie rock scene.

I think they confused the dinner parties and networking events I host as a “friends” thing. Which isn’t really all that accurate.

On a somewhat related note, I set up a separate domain for my event planning and consulting work a while ago; but I haven’t really done much with it yet. I’m thinking of just keeping everything at and setting up a subdomain for the work related stuff. I like how Molly Holzschlag and Nick Finck have integrated all of their public-facing endeavors on each of their websites: weblog, consulting, etcetera.

Thoughts on Networking, Part 1

I dislike the word networking. I dislike this word very, very much. I was telling an aquintance about a new project/biz I’m working on with a friend and his response was “I guess it pays to network.” Argh! Anyone who was online before 1996 might remember that before people were “networking” they were making friends, sharing, collaborating and just getting to know other humans around the globe and making connections. I could care less what sort of usefulness another human might provide through “networking.” In 2004, I’m starting to feel like this philosophy is in the minority. Now we have all these websites like Ryze, Orkut, Tribe and Friendster who presumably help us “network.” Most of the time they seem more like redundant popularity contests. How many times do we need to retype in the same blah blah blah?

I suppose this is a rant. ;) I need to come up with a better way to describe what I do when I get people together for events/gatherings/etc. Or can we reclaim the word networking so it means something other than “what can you do for me”?

Blast from the Wild Wild Web Past

Six years ago I was part of an online community/zine of writers and designers from around the world called It was a curious bunch of people that ranged in age from teens, 20s and a couple of people in their 30s. I was “old” in the group at 25. One of the best things to come out of that group was meeting Josh Darden who became (and still is) one of my best friends. There was a television show based in Boston called Wild Wild Web who I nagged for several months to do a story about Swanky. They finally agreed so a half dozen of us (from the Midwest and Northeast) descended upon The Someday Cafe in Davis Square to be interviewed by Catherine Burns and her crew at the end of the summer of 1998. Every time I walk past Someday and see the red couch I’m reminded of that funny afternoon. I ended up working for the show in the marketing department a few months after the interview.

I’ve been wanting to get the interview online for a long time. Steve Garfield is going to help me. So sometime in the next few weeks I’ll finally be able to put up a Quicktime video.

About Sooz

The nickname “Sooz” was given to me by a friend in 1997. I’ve been online since 1993 and made a few attempts to put a personal website together but nothing really stuck until came along in 2001.

I grew up in Nebraska and moved to Boston May 1994. If you ever need to pack your life in three pieces of luggage and need advice on how to do it, let me know! I wanted to live in New England since about the age of 12 though I never actually visited until I was 20 during a spring break trip with a college pal.

I’ve been hosting social events and gatherings in the Boston area since around 1997 and I also provide event marketing services to clients. If you’ve got a business or personal event coming up, perhaps I can help! I send out an email newsletter every few weeks listing interesting events and happenings in the Boston area and invites to gatherings I’m hosting. Once or twice a year since 1998 I’ve hosted a sushi dinner party. Photos from past gatherings are in the photo album. Sometime soon I’ll be setting up a website for my event marketing services at

Current Projects

:: Exploit Boston! is a new project featuring interesting art, culture and entertainment events in the greater Boston area. My role: publisher. Officially launching sometime, someday. But probably sooner or later.
:: Free Agent Boston hosts social, educational and networking events for free agents, consultants and freelancers in the greater Boston area. It started out as a small lunch for freelancers December 1999 and has grown a lot since then. My role: host.
:: Boston Blogs has hosted events for web writers in Boston off and on since 2002.