Connectors Are People, Too

By nature I am a helpful person. That’s not an ego statement: it’s just the way it is. I’ve noticed that I’ve developed a pet peeve. Someone will swoop into my inbox or instant messenger application and ask me if I know so and so. If I say “no” then they say “thanks” and wander off.

How about engaging me (or whoever your connector of choice is) in at least a small conversation before and/or after asking me for information or a favor? One of my personal goals for 2005 has been to lose some of the pessimism I’ve picked up since relocating to Boston from Nebraska all those years ago. Apparently it’s a work in progress.

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Ha! As you know I have been in a badassbadmood this week. Thanks for providing a laugh. Much appreciated!

Is it April 16th yet?

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