Curious problem adding the auto-tagging nugget to entries

I combined Movable Type code with the new Technorati tag functionality so that each category on an entry had it’s own link to that category’s tag at Technorati. It works great on single words; but when it’s a combination of two or more words, it’s not working. Technorati’s tag needs a (“+”) plus sign between each word. I have no idea how to make this happen within the Movable Type code. Maybe I’ll just use the Technorati Tags Bookmarklet that Matt at created. I was just really hoping to be able to integrate it with the footer of each entry.

If you know how to make it work the way I was hoping it might, I’d love to hear what you’d suggest!

Here’s the code I was originally using that breaks when there’s more than a single word in the query.

href=”<$MTCategoryLabel$>” title=”check out what other people are saying around the web about <$MTCategoryLabel$>“>t

Update: OK, apparently it IS working afterall. Nevermind! ;)

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