Edie Brickell & New Bohemians in Central Park

Edie Brickell & New Bohemians in Central Park, NYC

Michael and I went down to New York City this past weekend to see Edie Brickell & New Bohemians perform in Central Park on Friday night. It was the first time I’ve seen them live since high school. They were superb … fifteen years later. The band’s new album is called Stranger Things. It features the New Bohemians’ original lineup plus keyboardist Carter Albrecht. My favorite song on the album is “Buffalo Ghost.” has a great review of the album including this tidbit:

This new recording represents the honest, unadulterated, and utterly charming sound of a longtime band just being itself, with tracks that include “One Last Time” and “Oh My Soul.” Brickell calls this album a “true beginning,” the one effort in which she and her original bandmates perform together as a bonafide group. “It’s as close to the combo’s live sound as a studio recording can get,” she says.

I recorded a little video clip with Michael’s camera at Friday night’s show.

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I was impressed with Edie Brickells album, Volcano, with Charlie Sexton, although some people found fault with it.

There is something about her voice and the way she shapes words that has a unique effect of making you feel she is right there talking, singing to you, not like a performer singing at you or above you. In a different style it is what Frank Sinatra did on his best songs. Capturing all that enigmatic and hard to pin down emotional content.

Also Sextons arrangements supported her well, but I guess you have to like that kind of light music. It’s not the same as what she does with the New Bohemians.


I remember The New Bohemians from back in the day when my ex-husband, Eric Emert and I were on the guest list for them for Deep Ellum clubs. Also Eric use to jam a bit with them personally at Brad and Matt’s house. Edie’s voice leaves me in awe every time I hear it. We lost contact so this is the fist time I have heard her music in awhile. She is a sexy vocalist and couldn’t be more happy for her.


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