Boston Events

Exploit Boston Event Photos at Bostonist

It appears to be Bostonist day here at ;)

A while ago I set up a photo group at flickr specifically for event photos taken around Boston. The group is currently at 55 photographers who contribute photos taken at a variety of Boston events: baseball games, concerts, author events, game nights, festivals, etcetera. Bostonist picked up on the nifty badge feature and is displaying the latest photos from the group’s photo pool on their website. Nice!

I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to maintain the group. Overall, everyone has been awesome. I have to pluck out a few photos now and then; but not all that often. Sometimes the internet works. ;) The only new “rule” I’ve had to make today is that photos should only be added to the group if they were taken within the past two weeks to keep the photo badge syndication fresh.