Game Nights in April on the 4th and 18th

Game Face?The third month of Exploit Boston Game Night at the Common Ground in Allston is happening on Tuesday, April 4th and Tuesday, April 18th. The usual details apply: no cover charge, 21+, starts at 7pm and we have a lot of board games and card games to play. Last count we were up to 35.

HeyLetsGo seems to be one of the only “social networking” websites that I might stick with beyond the usual popularity contests masquerading as social networking websites. RSVPing for game night is entirely optional; but if you would like to see who else will be there and let them know your plans, go to each game night’s page at HeyLetsGo: April 4th and April 18th. There’s also a HeyLetsGo group for Exploit Boston Game Night if you’d like to conspire with other fans of board games plus keep tabs on the latest game night news and happenings.