Exploit Boston Game Night has a new home at Soul Fire

Group playing Scattergories at Exploit Boston Game Night

Last month we moved Exploit Boston Game Night to its new home at Soul Fire, a BBQ restaurant in Allston at 182 Harvard Ave. It’s up the street from the former location and a couple blocks closer to the Green Line’s “B” train stop (at the corner of Harvard/Comm Ave.) The good: better lighting, friendly staff, good food & prices, more tables and you order at the counter so no need to be stuck at the same table the entire night (waiting for your check from a waitress). The bad: Soul Fire is a new restaurant and they don’t have a liquor license yet. The hopeful plan was to have it in time for the December 5th game night but that might not be happening. We managed to have fun last time without alcohol so I am optimistic we’ll be able to do the same on December 5th. Wonder Bar is next door for anyone who needs a beer break.