Dear MySpace: Why?

I resisted MySpace for a long time but then most of the internet ended up over there. I gave in and use it to promote Exploit Boston Game Night and find bands for the radio station.

It must be a funny joke around the MySpace office that everyone on the internet uses their ugly website. They seem to refuse calls from the 1998 internets asking for their layouts back. I suppose it could be worse: there are no frames.

My last tinkering endeavor on Exploit Boston’s MySpace page is to get the “Sooz @ Exploit Boston is in Your Extended Network” table (top right of the page) to display a specific image. I managed to get the words to hide; but I can’t figure out how to get the background image to show up.

If you know the specific CSS class to use for this, let me know!

One reply on “Dear MySpace: Why?”

I see that you were able to do it, good job…I had given up on trying to extend their layout via CSS, ended up creating many divs and z-layering them above that brain damage that passes for layout.

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