Feedburner is Odd

I’m having a hard time figuring out Feedburner. I use their service to manage my RSS feed because I’m a web stats junkie and like to see how many people read certain entries, etc. One day it tells me I’ve got 120 people subscribed to my feed. Then the next day it’s 110. Today it’s 208. Have nearly 100 people really subscribed to my feed in the past 24 hours? I have a hard time believing that.

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Hi Sooz –

What you’re seeing is something we’re actually working on right now; it appears that Bloglines has changed it’s default polling behavior (the intervals between times they check your feed) from every hour to every half hour. (See this thread at our forums for a little more detail.)

We’re working on this, and will have your stats back to normal real soon now.


Rick Klau
VP, Business Development
FeedBurner –

I noticed today that the number of people subscribed to one of my feeds almost doubled. Digging deeper, it seems that the number of Bloglines subscribers doubled. Feedburner says:

This circulation number is calculated across 2 different aliases for your feed with the following subscriber numbers: 9, 9

I’m not sure whether the problem lies with Bloglines or with Feedburner, but these numbers are definitely wrong.

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