Howard Dean Rally in Boston on September 23rd at 11am in Copley Square

Two topics seem to be consuming all my time lately: music and politics. The Rock & Roll Library moved into new office space in Allston recently so I’ve been helping get the office set up.

I’ve also been trying to make the effort to get more involved as a “Mass for Dean” volunteer. I found a venue for tomorrow night’s Dean Social in the Bistro du Marche room at Marche Movenpick in the Prudential Center. Over 60 people have RSVP’d. Dean Socials are informal gatherings for Howard Dean supporters and people curious about Dean to get together in an informal setting to discuss his candidacy. Everyone is welcome to join us at 7:30pm.

The big local news is that a Boston rally with Howard Dean is taking place at 11am on Tuesday, September 23rd outdoors in Copley Square. It will be great to finally see Dean speak in person!