Six Months

My mom passed away six months ago on March 20th. Earlier this week Dave Winer wrote about his uncle dieing of a heart attack and wondering if it leaves you conscious as the rest of your body dies. I wonder what my mom might have been thinking after her own heart attack.

It still seems strange to know that she won’t be visiting Michael and I this Fall like she talked about doing back when we last spoke on the phone. Thursday night we attended a “Nebraska Party” that Michael’s co-worker (and Nebraskan!) Kari co-hosted with her brother and other pals who moved to Boston from Nebraska. It was the first time I had been in a room full of Nebraskans in Boston. Kari even made homemade Runzas. We talked about how funny it was that certain things from “back home” weren’t as interesting to us until we moved away. Such as Runzas and Cornhusker football. It was the sort of event where I would have called my mom. She would have been amused to know I was watching a football game.

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