Live 8 The Long Walk to Justice

I remember watching Live Aid with my mom and sisters on our farm outside of Scribner, Nebraska in 1985. Seems crazy that it was twenty years ago! Fast forward to today and they’ve got Live 8 in the works. Technorati is tracking blogging about Live 8 and they’re doing a “blog for tickets” promotion that looks like a lot of fun for a really good cause. {Thanks to pc4media for the pointer to the ticket promotion.}

If you’ve got a blog and want to help out, Technorati is trying to get 100,000 blog posts out before the G8 summit on July 8, 2005.

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Thanks for the endorsement. :) I sent Joe Trippi an email last night and got a form letter earlier from Daren Barrenger (who works with him?) saying I was not selected. Oh, well!

His email said “there were going to have to be some criteria and rules in case we have more interest that credential slots.” … I wonder what that criteria was.

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