MarksGuide to the professional networking scene in Boston

Mark Christian was at on Saturday and told me about his new weblog called MarksGuide. There are lots (and lots) of networking events in Boston. Mark attends at least a couple events a week and he’s started to share info about these events at MarksGuide. While we were talking about Podcamp, we remembered that we’re both from the Midwest (Ohio for him and Nebraska for me) and how that might impact our approach to networking. Mark and I do not subscribe to the drive-by networking approach that we both see a lot of in Boston!

MarksGuideâ„¢ focuses on topics related to the professional networking scene in Boston, Massachusetts. We offer news and reviews of events, organizations and networking groups as well as other interesting topics related to professional networking. Our goal is to provide people with the information they need to discover and build beneficial professional relationships.

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