My mom and the Rock & Roll Library

My mom (Mary Kay Kaup) died of a heart attack on March 20, 2003. I haven’t gone into a lot of the personal details of what I’ve been going through because I guess I didn’t know what sort of line I might cross with oversharing personal details on this website. So, despite how quiet I have been about her death, I do appreciate hearing from people. Since my mom wasn’t sick and I hadn’t talked to her in a few weeks (she was in Nebraska where I grew up and I’m in Boston), the news really came as quite a shock. Her 56th birthday would have been coming up soon on April 30th.

Growing up, my mom took 10+ years of piano and voice lessons. For whatever reason, I did not get the actual singing talent she had; but I did get my mom’s appreciation and passion for music. Local and online pals have asked if there is anything they could do. So, I sent an email to the elist last week asking everyone to contribute to the Rock & Roll Library as a memorial to my mom. I think this idea would make her happy. So, now I’m inviting anyone who reads my website to also participate.

The Rock & Roll Library is a non-profit Boston-based organization that I’ve been volunteering for during 2003. I’ve mentioned them here before and I can’t say enough fabulous things about RRL. Anne Fitzpatrick, the executive director, is one of the nicest humans on the planet — no doubt about it! She has turned a childhood dream into an internationally recognized organization. RRL needs monetary support from individuals and companies to move the organization into the next phase. All contributions directly impact RRL programs and projects including the development of the Music Archive Database, lesson plan and song contests, maintenance and design of the website, etc.

It would mean a lot if you would consider participating in this memorial and inviting your family and friends to participate, too. To learn more about the Rock & Roll Library visit their website. Click on “membership” to contribute through their ecommerce system or PayPal. Any contribution is welcome and membership is included with $25+.


Note: Consider writing “Mary Kay Kaup Memorial” in the “additional instructions” field if you are using PayPal for your donation.