Photos From Last Night’s Genius Workshop

Shimon Rura took a few photos at the Genius Workshop dinner that we hosted last night at Henrietta’s Table in Harvard Square. We’ve been talking about doing this event for a couple months so it was exciting to see the first event actually take place. A few people asked us why the word “genius” is used in the event name. The idea is not to suggest that there is some sort of ego involved. And it is not a MENSA meeting. Our goal is to gather together a small group of smart (or so we think) people who are developing new tech/software/web ideas and the smart people who like to offer feedback. Shimon and I need to work out the ground rules and blog policy. If people are going to feel comfortable talking about new tech projects, they need to know the conversations won’t be transcribed for the web and at the same time, we should all feel comfortable writing about it in general on our weblogs.

Peter Caputa wrote a recap of last night’s dinner, including this tidbit:

We talked about a lot of stuff with a special emphasis on not talking about blogging. Content management systems, online fake cries for help and deception, each of our projects, how we each got where we are, what we are looking to do next, getting comp’d at big tech events, microsoft’s love affair with usenet.

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