Live Broadcast of Exploit Boston! Radio … right now!

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve done a live broadcast of my internet radio station so I thought I’d test it out tonight and see if my computer can handle it while I’m also using other applications. I’m playing newish tunes from Rose Polenzani, Van Elk and then an assortment of other Boston bands. Check it out and let me know what you think? I probably won’t do any talking tonight since one of my office mates is having a meeting. But if this works reasonably well I’ll probably schedule a live broadcast every week or so. I appreciate feedback on the sound quality, if it’s dropping connection, etc. Listen up!

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Thanks for checking it out. Live365 has come a long way. When I first dabbled with the live broadcasting tool (for a Windows computer) back in 2000, my computer would freeze. Tonight I was able to do the live broadcast while running iChat, several browsers in FireFox and email.

Next up is tinkering with the “save broadcast” feature which seems to save it as an MP3 file. Might be nifty to offer up the saved shows as a podcast if it works like that.

Now that’s good listening! BTW, my brother Mike is trying to do some marketing for They could use it, as well as a website redesign. At least now I know they have some knowledgeable contributors.

On a related note, are you planning to go to the Paradise Lounge to see Chris Stamey? I saw him when he was with the dB’s in… oh, never mind. :^)

That’s cool he’s conspiring with Live365. I’m curious!

Thanks for the reminder about the Boston Pop Underground/Chris Stamey show. I haven’t been to the Paradise in at least two months. I definitely aspire to go. Let me know if your plans change!

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