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Photos From the Second Boston Web Innovators Meetup

Boston Web Innovators Meetup #2 Boston Web Innovators Meetup #2 Boston Web Innovators Meetup #2 Boston Web Innovators Meetup #2

I took a few photos at last night’s Boston Web Innovators Meetup that David Beisel organized at Tommy Doyle’s in Kendall Square. Boston has seemed so disconnected when it came to the web and tech community. I have always been jealous of friends in other cities like Seattle and San Francisco who are part of more of a community.

Last night was definitely different! It was great to see so many people come out last night to talk about their new projects and ideas. Of course I also think that everyone there last night should attend the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, too! There needs to be more of an East Coast presence at the conference.

About a half hour before I left for the event yesterday I checked the list of people who were going to be there. I clicked on all the links for everyone’s work and blog websites and noticed that a couple people from a company called LoudCity would be there. After checking out their website I decided that I really had to meet them. They’ve got a new business that handles internet radio station’s licensing fees and reporting for a monthly fee. I’ve been thinking about moving Exploit Boston Radio away from Live365 so needless to say, I was a little excited when I met Brandy Karl and she introduced me to Justin and Brandon from LoudCity. They were very nice about my enthusiasm to meet them though I’m sure it probably seemed a little odd since we just met.

If you’re wondering what else I thought about last night, just read Pete Caputa of WhizSpark’s blog. His entry about last night pretty much sums up a lot of my thoughts, too.

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