Photos: Johnette Napolitano at the Paradise Lounge

Johnette Napolitano at The Paradise Lounge

I’ve been a fan of Concrete Blonde for a long time so it was a huge treat to see Johnette Napolitano at the Paradise Lounge on May 18th. As an added bonus, she sang my favorite Concrete Blonde song — “Little Conversations.” At the end of the night, Laurie Sargent joined her on stage for an inspired rendition of “Joey.”

Johnette is on tour getting the word out about her new solo album Scarred that will be released on May 29th and is available at shows. “Amazing” is the first single and that pretty much sums up the overall album. You can hear all the songs on Scarred streaming at .

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Hi Sooz. Big fan of Johnette also. Just out of interest, what permissions did you need to get this shot? I’m a freelancer, and always interested in how others get behind the scenes.


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