Sondre Lerche Joins Elvis Costello on US Tour in April

One of my top ten favorite musicians, Sondre Lerche, will be joining Elvis Costello on the April leg of Elvis’ tour around parts of the United States. From the looks of the tour schedule, they won’t be stopping in Boston or anywhere else along the East Coast. Hopefully there will be more dates announced for May.

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2 replies on “Sondre Lerche Joins Elvis Costello on US Tour in April”

Well, Florida is the East Coast – but the wrong end. If Elvis and Sondre show up ANYWHERE in the Northeast, I want strings to be pulled. Many many many strings.

Oh, yeah. I guess EC does have some east coast dates but those are before our favorite Norwegian joins him in April.

Sondre Lerche and Elvis Costello. I guess it’s an understatement to say just how downright fabulous that would be.

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