Sondre Lerche

Use every chance you’ve been given
she replied after several days
It’s no good to be perfect
you know so well things are easy to tell
There is one thing I know
it goes like this
It’s that when I lose my sleep it’s you I miss – “You Know So Well”

Mike clued me in to 20 year-old Norwegian singer/songwriter Sondre Lerche. Wow. Truly outstanding lyrics and music. The release of his U.S. debut “Faces Down” came out September 2002 and this year he’s been touring around the United States. I have a feeling I probably missed my chance seeing him in Boston though there’s no info on his website indicating past tour dates. He’s been touring with Nada Surf and will be in Omaha on May 24th so I might try to coordinate my next trip home that weekend, too. If you like Elliott Smith you’ll probably like him, though Sondre sounds (to me — based on limited Elliott Smith knowledge) a lot less mopey and more sentimental and clever. Check out his website to listen to little snippets of each song and then buy it!