City and neighborhood weblogs

While working on Exploit Boston! I’ve received several emails from people interested in tips regarding how to use Movable Type as an event calendar. Brad and I have talked about writing some sort of document that describes how Exploit Boston! is set up. Since EB! is still a work in progress, that’s probably a few weeks away. I’ve stumbled across a few websites that are already up and running that focus on a particular city or neighborhood and are also using a weblog publishing tool to produce city-based content. There are probably a lot more out there than I’m aware of so I’m interested in hearing from people who either run a site like Exploit Boston! for their city or neighborhood or know someone else who has such a site. Posting the info in the comments of this entry or in an email would be great! The websites I’m searching for ideally mix weblog style publishing of original content and event listings focused on a particular city or neighborhood. I will share the list both here and on Exploit Boston!.