SoozCast 1: Sushi, DIY Recording, Fonts, Etcetera

I recorded a short SoozCast (just over four minutes) blathering, err, talking about the Sushi Fest #8 that is happening later this month or early July, Joshua Darden’s new font and DIY recording. If you’re subscribed to my main RSS feed or podcast-only RSS feed, the audio file should have found it’s way to you. If you’re old fashioned you can always listen up by clicking on the audio file in your web browser.


Listen up: SoozCast #1 (1.9M, 0:4:04)

People and websites mentioned during the recording:

Brian Russell,
Joshua Darden
Bill Wendel, Real Estate Cafe
David Drucker

One reply on “SoozCast 1: Sushi, DIY Recording, Fonts, Etcetera”

Thanks for mentioning me and linking to AudioActivism. But I must let everyone know that YOU were the one who told me about the $100 wonder known as the Olympus DS-2. Sometimes I just make recording audio WAY to complicated. I’m a geek like that. But your suggestion in LA really made it obvious how easy and pro sounding DIY audio recording can be. Thanks! :D

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