SoozMix: An iTunes Genius mix based on “Born” by Over The Rhine

SoozMix: iTunes Genius mix based on Born by Over The Rhine

[tweetmeme] iTunes’ Genius is an awesome way to rediscover music you already have but may not have listened to in a while. Yesterday I told it to make a mix based on “Born” by Over The Rhine. The result was a perfect mix for a moody, chilly Sunday afternoon. It includes songs by Over The Rhine, Patty Griffin, Great Northern, Gillian Welch, Calexico & Iron Wine, Nickel Creek, Dar Williams, Ray LaMontagne and Sarah Harmer.

View the mix on iTunes.

Sometimes you never know who will show up

Last weekend I was at the Lizard Lounge to see the final night of Boston Pop Underground’s Fall Residency with Mike Viola. There was little doubt it would be awesome since he was reuniting his band the Candy Butchers and Lori McKenna would be there to sing a bunch of songs. And then Mandy Moore was there, too. She’s collaborating with Mike Viola on her new album so they sang a few songs together. I shot some video that you can check out at Exploit Boston! To add to the fun, Mandy Moore (or whoever writes for her on her blog) gave me a shout-out regarding the videos.

So… thanks to my newfound friend (who I still haven’t met), SOOZ, there are a few videos posted on Youtube… Check them out. If anything, I am hoping they are as fun to watch as it was to just get up and play them…

Last night I was at Ray LaMontagne’s first of two nights at the stunning Boston Opera House. Yes, more awesomeness. It’s just been that kind of month! Some of the photos I took of LaMontagne and his band of cohorts and a review-of-sorts are over at Exploit Boston!.